QuASoQ 2020

8th International Workshop on Quantitative Approaches to Software Quality

in conjunction with the 27th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC 2020)
Singapore, 1st December 2020


This year, the QuASoQ workshop will be run using the video platform Zoom. We will create the QuASoQ Zoom meeting and act as meeting hosts. All participants will receive an email with the respective Zoom meeting link and the password that is needed to join. We ask you to appropriately set up and test your computer equipment (camera, microphone)!

Format of the Workshop

In order to have an interesting and interactive event with a lot of experience exchange, we plan to organize the workshop presentations as follows:
  • Papers are presented by one of the authors. After the presentation a discussant starts the discussion based on pre-formulated questions. Therefore the discussant has to prepare a set of questions and to know the details of the presented paper.
  • There is a slot of 20 minutes per paper.
  • The author of a paper has 15 minutes to present the paper.
  • After that, the discussant opens the discussion using their questions.
  • Finally, questions from the whole audience are discussed.
You find the paper assigned to you in the QuASoQ 2020 Workshop Preprint

QuASoQ Timetable and Program

Important: All times in (GMT+08:00) Greenwich Mean Time : Singapore!

We prepared timetables in local time for:
Please note: The given times of the program are subject to change!

From Until Authors/Presenter Title Discussant ID/Slides
02:30 PM 02:40 PM Horst Lichter Opening & Introduction to the Workshop
Session A - Chair: Toni Anwar
02:40 PM 03:00 PM Sousuke Amasaki Augmenting Window Contents with Transfer Learning for Effort Estimation Simon Hacks #11
03:00 PM 03:20 PM Syed Fatiul Huq, Md. Aquib Azmain, Nadia Nahar and Md. Nurul Ahad Tawhid On the Evolutionary Properties of Fix Inducing Changes Toukir Ahammed #10
03:20 PM 03:30 PM Break
Session B - Chair: Thanwadee Sunetnanta
03:30 PM 03:50 PM Alejandra Duque-Torres, Dietmar Pfahl, Anastasiia Shalygina and Rudolf Ramler Using Rule Mining for Automatic Test Oracle Generation Kristiina Rahkema #07
03:50 PM 04:10 PM Konrad Fögen and Horst Lichter An Industrial Case Study on Fault Detection Effectiveness of Combinatorial Robustness Testing Hina Anwar #02
04:10 PM 04:30 PM Azeem Ahmad, Ola Leifler and Kristian Sandahl An Evaluation of Machine Learning Methods for Predicting Flaky Tests Sousuke Amasaki #04
04:30 PM 04:40 PM Break
Session C - Chair: Nasir Mehmood Minhas
04:40 PM 05:00 PM Barry-Detlef Lehmann, Peter Alexander, Horst Lichter and Simon Hacks Towards the Identification of Process Anti-Patterns in Enterprise Architecture Models Syed Fatiul Huq #08
05:00 PM 05:20 PM Benyamin Shafabakhsh, Robert Lagerström and Simon Hacks Evaluating the Impact of Inter Process Communication in Microservice Architectures Azeem Ahmad #01
05:20 PM 05:40 PM Toukir Ahammed, Moumita Asad and Kazi Sakib Understanding the Involvement of Developers in Missing Link Community Smell: An exploratory Study on Apache Projects Alejandra Duque-Torres #12
05:40 PM 05:50 PM Break
Session D - Chair: Horst Lichter
05:50 PM 06:10 PM Hina Anwar, Iffat Fatima, Dietmar Pfahl and Usman Qamar Detection and Correction of Android-specific Code Smells and Energy Bugs: An Android Lint Extension Konrad Fögen #05
06:10 PM 06:30 PM Kristiina Rahkema and Dietmar Pfahl Comparison of Code Smells in iOS and Android Applications Barry-Detlef Lehmann #06
06:30 PM 06:45 PM Horst Lichter Workshop Closing
06:45 PM - After workshop drink

People@ QuASoQ

Sousuke Amasaki Syed Fatiul Huq Alejandra Duque-Torres Konrad Fögen Azeem Ahmad
Barry-Detlef Lehmann Simon Hacks Toukir Ahammed Hina Anwar Kristiina Rahkema

Selin Aydin Thanwadee Sunetnanta Toni Anwar Horst Lichter